| Tuesday, February 25, 2020
The goal of Apex Medical Services is to provide timely onsite diagnostic services that include radiology and cardiology, performed by licensed technologists, interpreted by experienced, qualified radiologists and cardiologists, transcribed, and then reported back to your facility. Other ancillary physician services to look forward to are Podiatry, Dentistry and Optometry.
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Looking to increase your Medicare Revenue? With no out-of-pocket expense or financial risk? Do you bill Medicare Part B for Fingerstick Blood Glucose Tests? Many facilities bill for the supplies, but not for the test itself. Let NCS help you. Our expert staff have successfully gathered data, billed Part B claims and generated payments for hundreds of facilities. Our staff does all the work. We have recaptured thousands of dollars in lost revenue for most facilities.

We also understand the critical cash flow demands on long-term care providers. NCS performs this service with no out-of-pocket expense to you. You owe us nothing until Medicare pays you. You have no financial risk. Medicare payments are made directly to you.

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